Is the SMTP safe?


I just found out I can connect to my SMTP Server via pythons smtplib without the need to login and send mails to whatever address with a random 'from'-address.

I did some relay tests online and they all say it's relay safe.. but... is it a correct behaviour?

As an example:


smpt = smptllib.SMTP('')  smpt.sendmail('[email protected]', '[email protected]', '....;)  smpt.quit()

This works, and I am doing this from remote, not locally on my Server.



Yes, thats the correct behaviour.

There are 3 possibilitys where every mailserver ahs to accept emails:

1) The email is from localhost
2) The email is sent from a server that we allow to relay. See mynetworks setting in
3) The recipient domain is a local domain of this server.

thanks for your answer.

I did the test above from my machine at work.
None of the 3 points you mentioned match this machine - I think.

So is this realy correct?

Use this test to find out if your machine relays:

Leave the email field empty or use a external address like gmail.

If you followed the perfect setup guide to install your server, then it is no open relay.
Okay, seems to be safe.. Is the SMTP safe?

Though I don't understand why I can do what I described above..

Thanks a lot,


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