Is there a good way to unserialize individual array elements in PHP?

Is there a way to use PHP to unserialize individual array members?

Example - array of serialized objects

//$array Array (     [0] => O:21:"Calc\Calc":22:{s:3:"qok";...     [1] => O:21:"Calc\Calc":22:{s:3:"qok";...     [2] => O:21:"Calc\Calc":22:{s:3:"qok";... ) 

What I want is to transform it into an array of objects. For example, say I want to

  1. unserialize them like I want
  2. convert result into JSON

Is there was perhaps a way to do it like so:

$resultingJSON = '[' . implode(',', MAGIC_UNSERIALIZE_EACH($selections)). ']'; 


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