Is there a program I can install to make title/header bars attach to the window?

I've been using Windows since the 80's. A month ago I got a Mac for a side project I'm working on. Despite my best efforts, I haven't gotten used to the fact that the menu bar of windows aren't attached to the window and instead are on top of the screen. Also haven't gotten used to the close/minimize/maximize buttons being on the left.

If this were Linux, I could change that and have it look and behave like Windows. Is there a way I can do it on a Mac? Either by downloading and installing a program, or through some preferences modifications?


Way back in the OS 9 days, we could install hacks to do crazy things like recolour windows and move around those window controls, but now they are simply buried too close to the metal to do system-wide. Back in those days too many of these hacks would cause system instability. I'm sure Apple could have built in such customization cleanly in OS X, and indeed in the very early versions I recall some rudimentary functionality for "skinning" — but today having a consistent user interface is viewed by the company as a feature, not a liability.

I found this article with a fairly nice summary of utilities that bring some of the best features of windows to OS X. But unfortunately (fortunately?) adding extra menu bar clutter to every single window or moving the window controls isn't one of them.

There is MenuEverywhere, which adds a menu like this on top of windows:

Is there a program I can install to make title/header bars attach to the window?

It's not really usable in my opinion though. It looks a bit glitchy when you move or resize a window, and sometimes the menu does not appear at all. It doesn't remove OS X's normal menu bar. If a window is at the top of a screen, the menu is shown over the title bar. It also adds the menu over full screen windows in applications that use custom full screen windows.

If you want easier access to the menu bar, you can press command-? to select menu items by searching. You can press control-F2/fn-control-F2 or command-? to move focus to the menu bar.

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