Is there a way to rename a chef cookbook?

My cookbook conflicts with a community cookbook. There doesn't seem to be a knife option to rename or delete a cookbook.

Is there a way to delete a chef cookbook from a server or a way to rename an existing cookbook?


I just realized what to do. (And that my question was improperly using the word recipe instead of cookbook)

So, my current state is that I have a cookbook called (for example) cookbook_name and I want to import a community cookbook of the same name.

cookbook_name (existing)
cookbook_name (new)

I figure it's easier to rename my cookbook since I wrote it and know every place I refer to the cookbook name.

Rename my old cookbook on the local filesystem:

mv cookbook_name new_cookbook_name

update the metadata file:

sed -i "s/cookbook_name/new_cookbook_name/" new_cookbook_name/metadata.rb

upload to chef server

knife cookbook upload new_cookbook_name

place the new cookbook in the cookbook home path:

mv ~/cookbook_name ${cookbook/path}/cookbook_name

and upload the new cookbook overwriting the old

knife cookbook upload cookbook_name

Now I have my old cookbook uploaded with a new name and I can upload the new cookbook and the chef server will happily overwrite the old cookbook with the new one.

Also, knife supports cookbook delete

knife cookbook delete COOKBOOK VERSION (options)

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