Issue when try to access Windows 7 folder from Ubuntu 14.04 PC

PC01 - Windows 7

Below settings are ENABLED from 'advanced sharing settings'

  • Turn on Network Discovery
  • Turn on File and Printer sharing

PC02 - Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

  • Samba service is installed on this PC.
  • Both computers have same group "WORKGROUP"

Initially when I installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, I was able to access Windows share folder without any additional services or settings. But then I had to reinstall Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, there after I am not able to access Windows 7 shared folders from Ubuntu PC.

I am not able to see Windows 7 PC when I click on Network feature in left panel of Ubuntu.

What settings / services are missing or what wrong I am doing? Please advise about this.

Thank you All,


Try going to the Connect to server on the Left side panel of nautilus and type in the address bar:
Where X is the IP address of your Windows 7 PC on your local network.
Works for Me. Don`t know why it happens though.

Also, you may want to change the settings from: let Windows manage to: use User accounts and passwords, in your sharing tab.

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