Java Jee7 Stack has low opportunity in comparison with spring [on hold]

Well I am Java developer from past 5 years working with JEE technologies(JSF 2.2,EJB 3.0,JPA 2.0, CDI 1.0 and web services).I like these technologies a lot,previously I was working with Struts 1.2 then switched to JSF 2,which again is great technology,I am trying to switch my job but unfortunately I am not getting any jobs related to these technologies instead they are asking for Spring MVC and Angular JS as most of there UI technologies and even Ejb has also very low openings(2 or 3 out of 100) rather spring core is preferred.

I don't have any issue learning these technologies but just wanted to ask if actually JSF and EJB are done like job wise or is there still any future hope to stay in these technologies.

Or should I start learning anything new that will help my career.


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