Jun 12, 2006 News Wire

  • protoGrowl

    JavaScript library based on Prototype that lets you pop up notification boxes at the bottom of the page.

    (tags: javascript)

  • Where, oh where have all the Apache servers gone?

    Apache server usage seems to be on the decline with IIS picking up the slack. What’s really going on?

    (tags: apache iis)

  • Have @it: A history of the @ sign

    A brief history of the @ symbol.

    (tags: email)

  • China Restores Google.com

    China blocked access to Google for this year’s anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests.

    (tags: politics google)

  • Even academics can’t understand it

    Joe Clark cites an academic paper demonstrating that even researchers with Ph.D.s can’t understand WCAG 2.

    (tags: accessibility)

  • Doxygen 1.4.7

    The latest release of this inline documentation system for C/C++, Java, Python, PHP, C#, and others adds universal binaries support for Intel Macs and a great many bug fixes.

    (tags: php java asp.net)

  • AIM Developers

    AOL has announced it is opening up its AOL Instant Messaging service with a series of developer APIs for building new messaging clients, plug-ins for AOL’s AIM client, and services that make use of online presence information.

    (tags: apis)

  • .NET Framework 3.0

    Microsoft renames WinFX to .NET Framework 3.0 to clarify for developers the fact that the new libraries (Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation and Windows CardSpace) all sit atop the core .NET Frame

    (tags: asp.net)

  • MSDN Wiki Beta

    Microsoft has launched an open wiki for developers to share information about its various platforms and technologies. The beta launches with the ability to write content alongside the official Visual Studio 2005 and .NET Framework 2.0 docs.

    (tags: asp.net)

  • VRaptor 2.0.4

    Yet another Java web development framework, VRaptor purports to take lessons from its predecessors (Seam, Strips, Webwork, Hibernate, etc.), favour convention over configuration, and avoid numerous XML config files.

    (tags: java opensource)

  • RIFE 1.5 Milestone 2 released

    RIFE is a full-stack Java web application framework that avoids the J2EE legacy (servlets, JSPs) for greater simplicity and power. This update brings speed increases and a number of new features.

    (tags: java)

  • CSS3 Preview – CSS3.info

    Joost de Valk’s popular preview of CSS3 features gets its own site… with plenty of AdWords.

    (tags: css)

  • What’s New in Edge Rails

    Though many developers are still coming to grips with what Rails can do today, Ryan Daigle is tracking new features that are getting added to the next version of Rails.

    (tags: rubyonrails)

  • Testing the Toolkit

    The Atlas Control Toolkit (an open source collection of controls for Atlas, Microsoft’s AJAX library for ASP.NET) enables unit testing of AJAX user interfaces built using Atlas controls.

    (tags: asp.net ajax)

  • Spry Framework for Ajax Prerelease 1.1

    Top of the list of changes is the use of XML namespaces for all of the custom attributes that Spry uses. This enables standards-compliant XHTML to be used with the framework.

    (tags: ajax javascript)

  • Visual Studio Debugger Tips and Tricks

    Learn to reduce the information overload of the Visual Studio 2005 debugger by adding debugger attributes to your code.

    (tags: asp.net)

  • Using Visual Studio 2005 Code Snippets to Write Better Code Faster

    Visual Studio 2005’s Code Snippets feature is more powerful than most developers might believe at first.

    (tags: asp.net)


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