Jun 15, 2006 News Wire

  • ZK 2.0

    A toolkit for writing AJAX applications in Java, which generates the client-side code (JavaScript and HTML or XUL) for the user interface automatically. The demo seems a little sluggish and the docs a little rough, but otherwise pretty slick.

    (tags: java ajax)

  • Eight Problems That Haven’t Changed

    This excerpt from Jakob Nielsen and Hoa Loranger’s new book “Prioritizing Web Usability” looks at eight usability problems that have been known for years but continue to be a frequent problem today.

    (tags: design usability)

  • AOL-Netscape Launches Massive “Digg Killer”

    Netscape hitches its star to a Digg-like community-powered news service. With the next version of digg.com featuring general categories slated for launch in three weeks, the competition will be interesting to watch.

    (tags: socialnetworks)

  • eBay Adds Blogs, Wiki

    eBay is launching a wiki powered by JotSpot for its users to share information about the auction site. Other new features to the site will include user blogs and telephone alerts (U.S.-only for now).

    (tags: ebay)

  • What users hate most about Web sites

    A nice top five of annoying design mistakes, if a bit on the obvious side.

    (tags: design usability)

  • The HTML Report Engine

    A nice-looking open source library for generating HTML-formatted reports from a .NET DataSet object.

    (tags: .net asp.net opensource)

  • WCF RSS Toolkit

    A toolkit for use with the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), the services component of the .NET Framework 3.0, for exposing services as RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 feeds.

    (tags: .net rss)


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