Jun 16, 2006 News Wire

  • Copy ‘n paste between Excel and Flex

    Based on Google Spreadsheets, which amazingly supports pasting spreadsheet content from Excel, this technique uses a hidden text field to support pasting spreadsheet data into a Flex DataGrid.

    (tags: flex)

  • Oh, Apollo!

    After the dismal failure of Macromedia Central, Adobe is gearing up for another run at the desktop application development space. Apollo will let you build cross-platform desktop apps using your web development skills (HTML, Flash, PDF).

    (tags: flash)

  • ZeroOne Community Talks

    Training company ZeroOne is hosting a series of free online seminars for developers on topics related to ColdFusion, Flex and Flash. The first is on June 28th. Registration required!

    (tags: coldfusion flex flash)

  • Model-Glue:Unity Public Beta 1

    Model-Glue is a framework for building ColdFusion web applications using the Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern.

    (tags: coldfusion)

  • Ajax anti-patterns

    A list of five things not to do when developing AJAX applications.

    (tags: ajax)

  • The Adobe and Builder AU Flex Developer Derby

    For Australian developers, build the coolest Flex application and win a plasma screen or an Xbox 360.

    (tags: flex)

  • Tech·Ed Offers Previews of Powerful Tools

    A good overview of what Microsoft is showing off for developers at Tech·Ed 2006 in Boston. New Entity Data Model capabilities of “vNext” the next version of ADO.NET, the latest news on WinFS, and Windows PowerShell (formerly Monad).

    (tags: .net)


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