Jun 22, 2006 News Wire

  • We Now Support Microformats

    Yahoo! Local rolls out support for the hCalendar, hCard and hReview microformats, and points to a number of useful tools for accessing this information.

    (tags: microformats yahoo)

  • Google Testing AdSense Cost Per Action (CPA)

    Google is handing out invites to a new program where instead of getting paid for click-throughs, you can get paid for sales made through your AdSense ads.

    (tags: advertising google)

  • Sandy 1.0 BETA

    Sandy is an ActionScript library for generating 3D graphics in Flash. Looks awesome!

    (tags: flash)

  • Download a Flex / PHP Framework, with Source Code

    An excellent way to get started in the still-experimental area of building Flex applications with PHP on the server side. A skeletal application ready for you to deploy and then modify.

    (tags: flex php)

  • Bindows – First Ajax Framework to Support Accessibility

    Before the rest, there was Bindows — perhaps the first mature framework for building desktop-like AJAX applications. Now this framework is the first to support section 508 accessibility for screen readers and magnifiers.

    (tags: ajax accessibility)

  • a parser generator for PHP – *finally*

    Need to parse esoteric text file formats in PHP? What you need is a parser generator: a script that will take your specification for the text file format and produce a PHP script to parse it. Greg Beaver has ported one to PHP from Lemon, a parser generato

    (tags: php)

  • Ajax widgets : SweetDEV RIA 1.0

    No need to adopt a whole new framework to do AJAX in Java. SweetDEV RIA is a library of standalone AJAX widgets such as a datagrid and multiselect combo boxes that can be plugged into any JSP page. GPL and commercial licenses available.

    (tags: ajax java opensource)

  • Magnolia 3.0: Enterprise Content Management

    Magnolia is a popular enterprise-class Java content and document management system. There is a free Community Edition available. 3.0 brings many new features, including major enhancements to the user interface, which is now fully “buzzword compliant”.

    (tags: java ajax)

  • Unconscious Interface Design

    A nice discussion of so-called “unconscious design” — the design decisions you can make without even noticing them. Uses WordPress and Broadway Musicals as examples.

    (tags: design)

  • The Spring series, Part 1: Introduction to the Spring framework

    A first look at the Spring Framework for Java web application development, based on principles of aspect-oriented programming (AOP) and inversion of control (IoC). Basic Java knowledge is assumed.

    (tags: java)


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