Jun 28, 2006 News Wire

  • CSS Galleries: aggregating web design inspiration

    A single site and RSS feed that tracks new additions to the various CSS design showcase sites, including CSS Mania, Stylegala, Unmatched Style and many more.

    (tags: css design)

  • 8 Invaluable WordPress Plugins!

    A short-and-sweet look at eight excellent plugins for WordPress, the popular PHP blog software.

    (tags: php)

  • jQuery Visual Documentation

    A visual reference to jQuery, the super-lightweight library designed to make the most common JavaScript tasks easy and fun.

    (tags: javascript)

  • Ten Possible Consequences of Google’s GBuy

    Some interesting speculation on just what effect the imminent launch of GBuy may have on the world of online commerce.

    (tags: business google)

  • Flex 2

    Flex 2, Adobe’s new platform for building rich web apps with Flash user interfaces, has been released! The SDK is free, the Eclipse-based IDE is $499, and the enterprise data services component is free for 1 CPU ($20,000 per CPU thereafter).

    (tags: flex)


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    Copy 'n paste between Excel and Flex Based on Google Spreadsheets, which amazingly supports pasting spreadsheet content from Excel, this technique uses a hidden text field to support pasting spreadsheet data into a Flex DataGrid. (tags: flex) Oh, Apo

  • Jun 13, 2006 News Wire 2006-06-14

    Google GBuy payments system on June 28? Google is set to launch a direct competitor to PayPal's payment processing services. (tags: google paypal) Google gets ready to say GBuy; PayPal on the hit list? Ars Technica doesn't see GBuy as a direct compet

  • Jun 14, 2006 News Wire 2006-06-15

    Yahoo! Maps API, now for commercial use too (by Jeremy Zawodny) Hot on the heels of Google's announcement of Enterprise licensing for its Maps API, Yahoo! releases its API for commerciall use free of charge. (tags: yahoo apis) MxGraph Thin Client – J

  • Jun 19, 2006 News Wire 2006-06-20

    Using XStream to forward JSON to a browser XStream is a Java library for easily converting Java object hierarchies to XML data. But now a specialized version of the library has emerged that can output data in JSON format, easily readable by JavaScrip

  • Jun 9, 2006 News Wire 2006-06-10

    jQuery Examples A growing list of examples demonstrating the capabilities of jQuery, a simple (but powerful) JavaScript library for AJAX and special effects. (tags: ajax javascript) How To Save Traffic With Apache2's mod_deflate Deflate is the new gz

  • Jun 12, 2006 News Wire 2006-06-13

    protoGrowl JavaScript library based on Prototype that lets you pop up notification boxes at the bottom of the page. (tags: javascript) Where, oh where have all the Apache servers gone? Apache server usage seems to be on the decline with IIS picking u

  • Jun 15, 2006 News Wire 2006-06-16

    ZK 2.0 A toolkit for writing AJAX applications in Java, which generates the client-side code (JavaScript and HTML or XUL) for the user interface automatically. The demo seems a little sluggish and the docs a little rough, but otherwise pretty slick.

  • Jun 20, 2006 News Wire 2006-06-21

    Microsoft Expression Web Designer A brief review of Microsoft's new competitor to Dreamweaver, recently released as a public preview for free download. (tags: wysiwyg software) window.onload (again) More progress on running JavaScript as soon as the

  • Jun 21, 2006 News Wire 2006-06-22

    RE: What Web Application framework should you use? Matt Raible agrees the situation in the Java web framework world is confusing, but believes that Struts Action 2 is the best bet of all the players right now. (tags: java) A beginners guide to Depend

  • Jun 22, 2006 News Wire 2006-06-23

    We Now Support Microformats Yahoo! Local rolls out support for the hCalendar, hCard and hReview microformats, and points to a number of useful tools for accessing this information. (tags: microformats yahoo) Google Testing AdSense Cost Per Action (CP

  • Jun 26, 2006 News Wire 2006-06-27

    Fjax: Just say no Simon Willison looks at a new "technology" called Fjax, which uses an invisible Flash movie to make AJAX requests instead of the browser's native XMLHttpRequest object. In short: it is not useful in the least. (tags: ajax flash

  • Jun 29, 2006 News Wire 2006-06-30

    Flash Player 9 Flash Player 9 is out (but not yet for Linux) with the new, high-performance ActionScript 3.0 virtual machine used by Flex and slick automatic updates. (tags: flash) Flash Professional 9 ActionScript 3.0 Preview If you've got Flash Pro

  • Jun 27, 2006 News Wire 2006-06-28

    Xyle scope A nice introduction to Xyle scope, a DOM/CSS debugging tool built on Safari's WebKit rendering engine. (tags: css software) 15 Great ASP.NET 2.0 Data Tutorials Published This series of fifteen free tutorials explains how to build a robust

  • Jun 30, 2006 News Wire 2006-07-01

    Java API documentation for all your libraries A very nice AJAX site for browsing the API documentation of 85 open source libraries (and growing!). Due to license restrictions, Sun's Java SE and Java EE APIs aren't included, but alternatives like Apac

  • Oct 23, 2006 News Wire 2006-10-24

    IE 7 vs IE 6 Based on some in house testing at Zimbra, IE 7 has made some significant leaps forward in memory management and JavaScript performance. Despite this, Firefox still outpaces the browser in their testing. (tags: ie firefox javascript) Dojo

  • Oct 24, 2006 News Wire 2006-10-25

    I think IE7 is going to break language negotiation on many servers An IE 7 change that was announced at the last minute was a change in the behaviour of locale-based content negotiation (serving a different page based on the user's language). W3C Int

  • Oct 25, 2006 News Wire 2006-10-26

    Mozilla Firefox 2 Firefox 2.0 was launched today, featuring a refined user experience and a great many new developer features. (tags: firefox software opensource) From Redmond With Love The Microsoft Internet Explorer Team sends Mozilla a cake in con

  • Sep 13, 2006 News Wire 2006-09-14

    Mootools JavaScript Library Released A superset of the famously tiny moo.fx library for JavaScript-powered effects, mootools adds features found in more complete libraries like Script.aculo.us. Mootools is still impressively small, and tends to give

  • Sep 18, 2006 News Wire 2006-09-19

    It's Time To Kill Off Transitional DOCTYPES Web accessibility experts accessites.org calls for web developers to give up their dependance on Transitional DOCTYPEs. There really is no reason to still be using them. (tags: html) Dramatically improved I

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