Keeping Text Sharp whilst shrinking video size - Handbrake

I've recorded a bunch of videos using a high def webcam, and with a website overlay (think of a sports broadcast, with the score on the bottom of the screen).

These videos are 720p avi's, but have a ridiculous file size, making them very difficult to work with (4 minutes of video is 2.2gb!)

I downloaded Handbrake to shrink the file size, and it is incredible at it, to my eyes, the loss of video quality is negligible and my test 250mb file has been shrunk to 7mb! (Keeping the same resolution).

The only problem I have is the overlaid text has gone really blurry, annoyingly so. I have a fair bit of wiggle room file size wise, and spent a few hours fiddling away with handbrakes millions of settings, but to no joy - it seems like nothing I can do can keep that text sharp.

Has anyone got a default setting that can help here?

I've attached an image to show you the issue:

Keeping Text Sharp whilst shrinking video size - Handbrake


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