Label in align*-environment

I want to label an alignat* environment and refer to it. It works with the alignat environment but not with alignat*.

Does anyone know what the problem is?


The "star" environments (such as align*, eqn*, and others) are made to suppress labels. To create a label, you'll need to use the standard form of the environment (align, eqn).

If you're only interested in referencing the page, you could use the traditional LaTeX \label just before the alignat*, from which you can extract the \pageref:


Perhaps using the traditional \label - modified by amsmath to \[email protected] - inside should also work for you:

Label in align*-environment



\newcommand{\labelpage}[1]{\[email protected]{#1}}


See pages~\pageref{eq:first} and~\pageref{eq:second}.

  f(x) &= ax^2 + bx + c \label{eq:first}


  f(x) &= ax^2 + bx + c \labelpage{eq:second}


It's not possible to use \label in starred display environments (align*, alignat*, flalign*, gather* and multline*) unless the equation we want to refer to has a \tag.

Conversely, \label can go in any line of a non-starred display environment.

So you have a couple of alternatives, if you insist in not numbering equations.



Some aligned and not numbered equations, but for one that has
a tag to which we can refer with the standard reference system
\verb|\eqref| getting \eqref{test-tag}
a &= b \\
c &= d \tag{a}\label{test-tag}

Another strategy might be using the page reference, but in
this case the \verb|\label| must go between the text and
the display environment\label{test-page}
x &= y \\
u &= v
and we can then refer to the page with the standard
\verb|\pageref|, getting \pageref{test-page}.


Label in align*-environment

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