Laptop screen at 40% brightness when first turned on

I have several HP ZBook 17 G3's that my company just purchased. They are all imaged with an up-to-date Windows 10 image, and the first thing I do after imaging them is run HP Support Assistant to ensure the drivers are all updated as well (they are thankfully...the Win 10 images is updated regularly).

We are experiencing an issue with the display being dim when the end-user first starts the laptop in the morning. There is video, its just very dark. When I look at Display Settings on an affected machine, the Brightness slider shows it is at 100% Brightness, but when I check the actual brightness levels from an elevated command prompt with wmic /namespace:\\ROOT\WMI path WmiMonitorBrightness get CurrentBrightness /format:list, it shows that the brightness level is only 40%.

I have checked the power plan settings based on this post, and they are the same as the other 357 laptops in the building, but just to be sure, I disabled any power management settings and set the power options to High Performance.

Which driver(s) should I be checking?


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