Latency based load balancing options for second ISP [on hold]

We run a web application out of carrier colocation where we have a 100Mbit connection from them. Our current connection is a full /24 with BGP. I am looking at another 100Mbit circuit from a different ISP and have looked at BGP but from my understanding this would make the second connection passive and we would have to failover the whole block.

What I am looking for is something that will use both connections, and do it from a latency perspective, meaning if a user from the east/west coast they will go over the faster connection and in the event that one is down everyone will go to the other.

I have looked at some GSLB cloud options, a vendor we work with has suggested Kemp load balancers, we have some monthly Azure credits and I have also looked at their traffic manager product.

Any recommendations on what would be best to achieve what I described?


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