Latest Flash Components and Add-Ons

Well, it seems like folks have been busy developing components and add-ons for Flash lately; here’s a quick round up of the latest developments that caught my eye.

First up is the B-LINE CHARTING COMPONENTS 3.0 from B-LINE EXPRESS; a set of charting components that can hook into sources from most common application servers, XML or just plain text as well as support for DataProvider and data binding.

Be sure to check out the drilling capabilities example and the animation / 3D rendering example.

Priced at $295.00, it’s more expensive that other offerings such as WebAssist’ Dynamic Flash Charts, but the feature list is more extensive and is aimed at all levels of application developer.

Second up is a very interesting offering from MakingThings,an AS 2.0 library allowing you to control their device sets and modules from within Flash.

There are many modules on offer from the site from controlling sensors to motors, and reading the list of potential applications on the site, I


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