Latest IE7 Updates from PDC

With the Microsoft Professional Developer Conference in Los Angeles last week, a lot of news on the Internet Explorer front has come to light. Here’s a summary of the tasty bits for developers:

  • The Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar for IE6 and IE7 is ready in public beta form.
  • IE7 will correctly skip a <?xml?> prolog at the start of an XHTML document when looking for the DOCTYPE declaration, without lapsing into Quirks Mode.
  • Internet Explorer Web platform lead Chris Wilson confirmed a desire to properly implement XHTML support in Internet Explorer after the release of IE7.
  • Microsoft and Amazon have collaborated to produce the OpenSearch 1.1 specification, which describes how browsers may provide site-specific search functionality, and how websites may return the results of those searches in HTML or RSS (0.9x, 1.0, 2.0, or Atom) format for display in the browser. The search box in IE7 will be built on this specification. No doubt other browsers like Firefox and Safari will follow suit.


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