LibGDX: Can i get some useful tips for loading textures?

So basically in my game(completely new to gave dev) I have a level select screen. I have 8 Buttons to select the levels and i use an asset manager to load the textures for the buttons. For example their is a locked button for when you have unlocked the level, an active for when your mouse is over the button and inactive when your mouse is not over it. My problem is that having all these textures keep interchanging is causing memory usage to go off the charts, from as low as 30mb all the way over 1000mb as soon as i go to the level select screen and it keeps rising. Whats a good way to load lots of textures without having to use so much memory? Or should i just figure out a better way to load them without causing so much usage of memory. Im new to this so go easy on me :)

or... Would this amount of memory being sprung be a memory leak somewhere?


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