LibGDX - How do you load huge spritesheets?

As we know, there is a GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE on each mobile phone which makes things really hard. I write an app for all mobile devices and I need to load some huge spritesheets combined with 64 frames when each of them has 512x1024 dimensions.

As I tested and read, I should load spritesheets <= 1024 so it will work on all mobile devices including IPhone3 and some old Androids.

If I have a spritesheet 512x1024 with 64 frames, it's dimensions are really, really large - for ex. if the spritesheet has 64 columns, it's with is ~61000 px.

Of course, I can cut it, but it gives me 64 images and I have no idea if this if efiicient of not.

How do you handle things like this? Scaling the graphics down is not an option - it lowers the quality and my game IS QUALITY.

If someone has any experience I would be grateful!


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