Lightning Events in Lightning Page Context

So I have a community builder page with 2 custom lightning components I've dropped into different sections - how do I make them communicate via events?

Lightning Events in Lightning Page Context

I know that when you have a component inside another component, I can use component events to trigger actions in the component hierarchy. And when I have 2 components within the same Lightning App, I can use APPLICATION events to trigger actions across any component in the App.

How does it work if I have components on a Lightning page? They are not nested inside the same App (we're using Community Builder), and the components aren't nested within the same hierarchy.


On the same page, in a community you'd be within the same domain, making your components part of the same application event level access, even if you didn't define them as part of the same application. You could of course define ExternalEvent Handlers for the "window" but that shouldn't be necessary. See the Advanced Events Example for more on this topic.

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