Limit CPU consumption of 15 processes on windows?

I cannot find anyway to limit the cpu usage of 15 different processes. Ideally I need to limit each process to use no more than 7%. When a process starts using like 15% cpu, it will cause other processes to lag.

I have been researching this for a while and most often people recommend things like processtamer and switching priority and affinity. This defeats the purpose and doesn't solve the problem. That's because priorities don't limit anything. If you have 15 processes, all at the same priority, and one of them starts taking all possible cpu, the other 14 processes will size to function properly.

I've seen bes, but it only works for up to 3 processes, I have 15-16.

I've seem process tamer, and that won't work because it does the priority thing. There was another popular one but it was still using priories.

I need to somehow set a hard limit on cpu consumption to be not more than 7%


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