Limitations of PostGIS Shapefile Import GUI tool?

I would like to improve my knowledge regrading this issue.

I am using PostgreSQL version 9.5 (x64bit) on Windows 7 Enterprise (x64bit Machine). I have a table containing 3515214 rows of X,Y coordinates and a geometry column. Every time I tried to import this table to my Postgres DB using GUI tool i.e., PostGIS Shapefile and DBF Loader 2.2, I found some missing x, y values in this table when I viewed the data in SQL editor using:

Select * from my_table; 

I cross-checked for missing geometry values as well like this:


The count result was zero means no missing geometry values. However, when I checked for X coordinate:


There were 89k+ missing x (and y) values. I am aware that I can use shp2pgsql() or ogr2ogr() tool as well but I am not sure how these will work for this large dataset. However, my point is: are there any limitations in using GUI tool while importing a large table? How may I tackle with this ambiguity?


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