List 3rd party WMI providers before rebuilding repository

I'm looking for some Powershell cmdlet/script which list WMI 3rd party providers before I will rebuild whole repository.

There is GWMI cmdlet which lists all WMI objects but I'm missing something like "Company:", then I would use filter to list non-microsoft WMIs.

Get-WmiObject -List | fl * ... PSComputerName   : MyComputer Name             : __SystemClass __GENUS          : 1 __CLASS          : __SystemClass __SUPERCLASS     : __DYNASTY        : __SystemClass __RELPATH        : __SystemClass __PROPERTY_COUNT : 0 __DERIVATION     : {} __SERVER         : MyComputer __NAMESPACE      : ROOT\CIMV2 __PATH           : \\MyComputer\ROOT\CIMV2:__SystemClass Path             : \\MyComputer\ROOT\CIMV2:__SystemClass Derivation       : {} Methods          : {} Scope            : System.Management.ManagementScope Options          : System.Management.ObjectGetOptions ClassPath        : \\MyComputer\ROOT\CIMV2:__SystemClass Properties       : {} SystemProperties : {__GENUS, __CLASS, __SUPERCLASS, __DYNASTY...} Qualifiers       : {abstract} Site             : Container        : .... 

Is there any way how to detect 3rd party WMI providers? Thank you for any help.


Category: windows server 2008 r2 Time: 2016-07-29 Views: 1

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