llncs: Separated authors

How I can make authors separately in llncs environment like in the example below? llncs: Separated authors

I made it in one line using following command, but I don't know how to make them separately:

\author{  ABC\inst{1}   \and XYZ\inst{1}, }  \institute{ Institute ABC\\  \email{ [email protected] }\thanks{Additional note} } 


Many Journals have templates out there that submitting authors can enter their title and personal information in a standardized way. That makes the work of the journal editors more easy. The overall look of titles of all articles in one journal looks similar, which is an important feature.

If you do not want to submit to a journal, don't use the template they provide. The most practical approach is to use standard article class and define something like a title by hand.

llncs: Separated authors

{\Large\centering \bfseries
    Salsa dancing Sloths \par%
        Saar Cohen\\
        School of Computer Science\\
        \email{[email protected]}
        Yossi Matias\\
        School of Computer Science\\
        \email{[email protected]}

\section{rock around the duck}

This is not the most robust approach though. Some more
information on how to change the appearence of a title, or more
prcisely titlepage, can be found in [How to customize a title

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