LM317-based step-up boost voltage converter - what?

I found an interesting e-bay listing: LM317 DC-DC 1.5A Adjustable Step-up Boost Voltage Converter Module 1.2-37V

Now I am a beginner, but I know the LM317 is a step-down regulator, and I couldn't find any reference on it being used in a voltage boost circuit. This forum even talks about it's impossibility. The picture on ebay also "smells like" a standard step-down circuit. Considering these I am 95% confident that the module for sell is actually step-down circuit, but I would like to ask your opinion anyway:

Is it possible to make a reasonably simple voltage boost circuit based on the LM317 voltage regulator?


No. It's clearly an LM317 standard linear voltage regulator circuit.

LM317-based step-up boost voltage converter - what?

Bear in mind that it's advertised in English on eBay.de so there may be some noise in the translation.

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