London Calling: Attention Project Managers!

London Calling: Attention Project Managers!
Q: Are you in London?
Q: Are you a gun project manager/web producer?

If you answered ‘Why, yes I am!‘ to both of those questions, speak to Reactive Media promptly about what should be a pretty cool job op.

Reactive’s founders, affectionately referred to as ‘the Tim’s’ (O’Neill & Fouhy) go waaaay back with the SitePoint crew (circa Netscape 3.0!) and it’s a little known fact that Reactive actually built V1.0 of back in 2000. Since then they’ve grown to become one of Australia’s blue chip webdev houses, with Tim O relocating to the UK last year to open their London office.

A quick summary of the position is as follows:

Web Project Manager/Producer

We want a person with a combination of raw talent (inbuilt organisational tendencies and full of ideas), enthusiasm, responsibility and a great can-do attitude. We provide a friendly, fun and creative working environment as well as the confidence of working with a well established business.

Demonstrated experience as a Web Producer or Project Manager would be ideal (although other Production / PM experience will be considered).

The position will include:

  • A job that will be shaped to fit your goals
  • A fun, creative and team-focused environment
  • The opportunity to work in Melbourne or Sydney offices in the future

Read the job description here for the full details.

These guys always do great stuff and are a ball to work with, so if you fit the criteria, definitely have a chat to the guys. Mention you saw the job here to push things along a bit ;).

P.S. They’re not looking to relocate anybody, so valid UK work permit essential.


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