Looking for a program that plays a sound on key press

I am physically disabled and need a program that makes my keys make a thunk noise (like a typewriter would). In 2011, someone wrote a Python 2 program but it doesn't work on 16.04 anymore.

I just installed python-gtk2 which was missing. Rebooted, (etc); the program cannot find gst to import.

Update: I've found a program in the meantime. It is helpful, but nowhere near as good as the solid thunk the Python program gave me.

Can anybody help?


This is a few years old, but sounds like what you are looking for:


And, just FYI, there is a long standing unresolved bug (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/conspy/+bug/1071836) in conspy addressing the fact that "xset c" doesn't do what it is supposed to. Maybe if enough people nominate it, we can get it addressed.

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