Looking for software to manage iOS apps on PC with details from App Store and delete option in the same view

Is there such a program that can scan my local iOS apps library on Windows and show me not just the metadata from .ipa file, but App Store data (rating, reviews, screenshots, description, etc) too?

I know that .ipa files contain the id of the app, which can be used with the App Store web API to get some of that data. But every third-party iOS app manager I tried doesn't show me the store data.

I need this to make a big cleanup of my apps, cause I often get them for free from appshopper and lately you can't cancel the download in iTunes anymore apparently. So I'm not even sure what half of my apps are, and going one by one in iTunes would be a torture clickfest back and forth. I'd love to see a solution where there is a list of apps, and in each app details you can see what is it about and be able to delete it right from there.

Also, if there's something like that but only for Mac, I'd like to know too.


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