LV Voltage controlled buffer with Hi-Z

I need to control one digital signal with another. I need hi-z when the control signal is low, and non-inverting buffer when the control signal is high. I'd like to do this with few parts as necessary, probably just fet based.

Logical table:

       S_Hi    S_Lo C_Hi   Hi       Lo C_Lo   Hi_Z     Hi_Z 

My signals are in the 3V to 5V range.

I have a signal line that is multiplexed with a programming line. I thought the programmer would put its pins in a hi-z state, but it doesn't. Hence they hold the line low or high while not programming preventing the signal line from working properly. I have a control line that is high while the programming is working.

I'm not looking for something I'd have to order and wait a few days. It's not that big of a deal. I'm looking for a circuit I can throw together with what I have(mosfets, bjts, passives).


The 74LVC1G126 is a single output inhibit buffer that has the behavior you're looking for. It is available in 5- or 6-pin packages and has 5V-tolerant inputs.

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