LyX can't find bibliography entries after certain entry

I've been looking for hours, and can't find an answer, so here goes:

LyX can't find bibliography entries after certain entry

LyX doesn't find several of the citations in my .bib file. It displays '??' for all missing info in the citation fields, and says "Bibliography entry not found!" in the citation window.

  • The pdf output is perfect, so the bib-file works.
  • A new file, using the same bib-file, works as it should (both in lyx and the output)
  • I have made a MWE (code below). It only contains the citations and bibliography. I removed all links to child and master documents (it was a thesis chapter), and the entire preamble.
    • In the MWE, changing citation styles and engines doesn't do anything.

It seems like this is a LyX bug. Anyone have any idea how to solve it? I've seen people mention deleting the auxiliary files; would that help? And how would I do that?

Typing this, I realised I hadn't tried copy-pasting the content into another file. This fixes the problem! So at least I have a work-around now. But doing that every time this bug appears is still wildly tedious, as I need to replace all the document settings, so I hope someone here has a better solution!

Files for minimum Working example:

% Preview source code from paragraph 0 to 4   \section*{Minimum Working Example} \begin{itemize} \item Faulty citations: \citep[p. 7]{UN2015} \citep[p. 2]{UN2015}\citep[e.g.][]{Florida2003} \item Hybrid: \citealp[see e.g.][]{Beck1992,Giddens1999} \item Correct citation: \citet{Beck1992,Boeing2014} \end{itemize} Full bibliography (entire bib file):\bibliographystyle{apalike} \nocite{*} \bibliography{C1-Introduction-jabref} 

.bib file

% Encoding: windows-1252  @Book{Beck1992,   Title                    = {Risk Society: Towards a New Modernity},   Author                   = {Beck, U},   Publisher                = {Sage},   Year                     = {1992},   Address                  = {New Delhi},   Timestamp                = {2016.07.25} }  @Article{Boeing2014,   author    = {Geoff Boeing and Daniel Church and Haley Hubbard and Julie Mickens and Lili Rudis},   title     = {LEED-ND and Livability Revisited},   journal   = {Berkeley Planning Journal},   year      = {2014},   volume    = {27},   number    = {1},   pages     = {31-55},   abstract  = {This study examines LEED-ND’s criteria for Neighborhood Pattern and Design (NPD). LEED- ND was developed as a system for rating new neighborhoods on the sustainability of their planning. However, it has increasingly been adopted by cities as a de facto measure of “livable” neighborhood design and used to accelerate development processes. We hypothesize that these criteria do not area is Temescal, a gentrifying neighborhood in Oakland, CA. livability very highly. Furthermore, residents consistently rated and ranked NPD characteristics quite differently than did LEED-ND, system. We propose that a single set of weighted, prescriptive desired amenities of different communities.},   timestamp = {2016.07.28}, }  @Book{Florida2003,   Title                    = {The rise of the creative class},   Author                   = {Richard Florida},   Publisher                = {Basic Books},   Year                     = {2003},   Address                  = {New York},   Timestamp                = {2016.07.25} }  @Book{Giddens1999,   Title                    = {Runaway World: How Globalization is Reshaping Our Lives},   Author                   = {Giddens, A},   Publisher                = {Profile},   Year                     = {1999},   Address                  = {London},   Timestamp                = {2016.07.25} }  @TechReport{kamal2009competitive,   Title                    = {Competitive cities and climate change},   Author                   = {Kamal-Chaoui, Lamia and Robert, Alexis},   Institution              = {OECD},   Year                     = {2009},   Number                   = {2009/02},   Type                     = {OECD Regional Development Working Papers},   Publisher                = {OECD Publishing} }  @TechReport{Taipale2012,   Title                    = {Challenges and ways forward in the urban sector. Sustainable Development in the 21st century (SD21).},   Author                   = {Taipale, Kaarin},   Institution              = {United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA)},   Year                     = {2012},   Address                  = {New York},   Timestamp                = {2016.07.25} }  @TechReport{UN2015,   Title                    = {World Urbanization Prospects: The 2014 Revision},   Author                   = {{United Nations}},   Institution              = {United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division},   Year                     = {2015},   Number                   = {(ST/ESA/SER.A/366)},   Timestamp                = {2016.07.25} }  @Book{Carmona2010,   title     = {Public Places - Urban Spaces},   publisher = {Elsevier},   year      = {2010},   author    = {Carmona, Matthew and Tiesdell, Steve and Heath, Tim and Oc, Taner},   edition   = {Second},   timestamp = {2016.07.28}, }  @Book{LlewelynDavies2000,   title     = {The Urban Design Compendium},   publisher = {English Partnerships},   year      = {2000},   author    = {Llewelyn-Davies},   file      = {:(Llewelyn-Davies 2000) - The Urban Design Compendium.pdf:PDF},   review    = {URBAN DESIGN  Llewelyn-Davies  COMPENDIUM  },   timestamp = {2016.07.28}, }  @Comment{jabref-meta: databaseType:bibtex;} 


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