Make a column from a query result

Trying to find some simple SQL Server PIVOT examples. Most of the examples that I have found involve counting or summing up numbers. I just want to pivot some string data. For example, I have a query returning the following.

Action1 VIEW   Action1 EDIT   Action2 VIEW   Action3 VIEW   Action3 EDIT   

I would like to use PIVOT (if even possible) to make the results like so:

Action1 VIEW EDIT   Action2 VIEW NULL   Action3 VIEW EDIT   

Is this even possible with the PIVOT functionality?


Remember that the MAX aggregate function will work on text as well as numbers. This query will only require the table to be scanned once.

SELECT Action,
       MAX( CASE data WHEN 'View' THEN data ELSE '' END ) ViewCol,
       MAX( CASE data WHEN 'Edit' THEN data ELSE '' END ) EditCol
 GROUP BY Action

If you specifically want to use the SQL Server PIVOT function, then this should work, assuming your two original columns are called act and cmd. (Not that pretty to look at though.)

SELECT act AS 'Action', [View] as 'View', [Edit] as 'Edit'
    SELECT act, cmd FROM data
) AS src
    MAX(cmd) FOR cmd IN ([View], [Edit])
) AS pvt

Table setup:

CREATE TABLE dbo.tbl (
    action VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL,
    view_edit VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL

INSERT INTO dbo.tbl (action, view_edit)
VALUES ('Action1', 'VIEW'),
       ('Action1', 'EDIT'),
       ('Action2', 'VIEW'),
       ('Action3', 'VIEW'),
       ('Action3', 'EDIT');

Your table: SELECT action, view_edit FROM dbo.tbl

Make a column from a query result

Query without using PIVOT:

SELECT Action,
[View] = (Select view_edit FROM tbl WHERE t.action = action and view_edit = 'VIEW'),
[Edit] = (Select view_edit FROM tbl WHERE t.action = action and view_edit = 'EDIT')
FROM tbl t

Query using PIVOT:

SELECT [Action], [View], [Edit] FROM
(SELECT [Action], view_edit FROM tbl) AS t1
PIVOT (MAX(view_edit) FOR view_edit IN ([View], [Edit]) ) AS t2

Both queries result:
Make a column from a query result

Well, for your sample and any with a limited number of unique columns, this should do it.

    distinct a,
    (select distinct t2.b  from t t2  where t1.a=t2.a and t2.b='VIEW'),
    (select distinct t2.b from t t2  where t1.a=t2.a and t2.b='EDIT')
from t t1


FROM Product) up
) AS Unpvt

With pivot_data as
action, -- grouping column
view_edit -- spreading column
from tbl
select action, [view], [edit]
from   pivot_data
pivot  ( max(view_edit) for view_edit in ([view], [edit]) ) as p;

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