Make No Response status for http calls

If something goes wrong in a WCF REST call, such as the requested resource is not found, how can I play with the HTTP response code (setting it to something like HTTP 404, for example) in my OperationContract method?


There is a WebOperationContext that you can access and it has a OutgoingResponse property of type OutgoingWebResponseContext which has a StatusCode property that can be set.

WebOperationContext ctx = WebOperationContext.Current;
ctx.OutgoingResponse.StatusCode = System.Net.HttpStatusCode.OK;

If you need to return a reason body then have a look at WebFaultException

For example

throw new WebFaultException<string>("Bar wasn't Foo'd", HttpStatusCode.BadRequest );

For 404 there is a built in method on the WebOperationContext.Current.OutgoingResponse called SetStatusAsNotFound(string message) that will set the status code to 404 and a status description with one call.

Note there is also, SetStatusAsCreated(Uri location) that will set the status code to 201 and location header with one call.

WebOperationContext.Current.OutgoingResponse.StatusCode = HttpStatusCode.Unauthorized;
throw new WebException("令牌码不正确", new InvalidTokenException());


This did not work for me for WCF Data Services. Instead, you can use DataServiceException in case of Data Services. Found the following post useful.

If you wish to see the status description in the header, REST method should make sure to return null from the Catch() section as below:

catch (ArgumentException ex)
    WebOperationContext.Current.OutgoingResponse.StatusCode = HttpStatusCode.InternalServerError;
    WebOperationContext.Current.OutgoingResponse.StatusDescription = ex.Message;
    return null;

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