map projecton used for calculating crop yield [on hold]


  1. Define the three standard properties of map projections: equal-area, equidistant and conformal. Discuss the relative importance of each for different applications. What types of applications require which properties?
  2. What type of projection would you expect to be used in the following circumstances, and why?

    a. an airline pilot flying the North Atlantic between New York and London.

    b. a submarine navigating under the ice of the North Pole.

    c. an agricultural scientist assembling crop yield data for Africa.

    d. an engineer planning the locations of radio transmitters across the continental US.

  3. What map projections would you choose in designing a workstation to be used by scientists studying various aspects of global environmental change?
  4. By examining the list of SPC systems adopted by the states, what can you deduce about the criteria used to determine the projection adopted and the number of zones used? You will need a map of the US showing the boundaries of states. Are there any surprising choices?


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