Mapserver Error: msLoadFontset(): Unable to access file. Error opening fontset ./fonts/fonts.txt

I have made a map from QGIS by using RT Mapserver Exporter plugin, and I want to browse it to MapServer, just like this: and the tutorial on the youtube:

However, when I browse it to Mapserver, there is always a error:

msLoadFontset(): Unable to access file. Error opening fontset ./fonts/fonts.txt.

Someone said "This means that that the map file is requesting for fonts or symbol definition files but that Mapserver cannot find those." But where I can download the font file and how I can put it into mapserver?


It seems there is a reference in the .map file to a font file, as below :

  NAME        "mapserver_wms_server"
  FONTSET     "../fonts/fonts.txt"

Either comment that reference or if you want to use specific fonts, then create a text file with reference to those fonts you want to use, check below link :

Sample for content of font.txt file:

Arial Arial.ttf
sans Vera.ttf

And copy the fonts files you are using in your .map file from C:\Windows\Fonts to fonts folder .

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