Marketing questions to ask your prospects

A recent blog post by a Sitepoint reader wondered what kinds of marketing questions web designers should ask prospects, in order to help them see you as a marketing solutions provider. Here are some suggestions:

1. What are your sales goals?

2. How do you get clients now?

3. What problem do you solve for your customers?

4. What is your target market? What are their most pressing issues and concerns?

5. What is unique about your company and its solution? What sets you apart? Why are you better?

6. What proof can you provide that you are better (e.g. testimonials, case studies)?

7. What are the benefits of your solution?

8. How can you educate prospects and customers with executive briefs, articles, newsletters, etc?

9. Did you know that the web can let you follow up automatically with prospects, so you continue communicating to them automatically?

10. What’s your sales cycle like? How do prospects decide to buy.

Add your questions…..


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