Marshmallow is showing an extra 900MB internal storage as used

I've got a Micromax Canvas A1 (AQ 4501) Android phone running android 6.0.

The phone has 4GB internal storage (2.23 GB Usable according to the Storage & USB feature). Unfortunately, it seems to be missing a large chunk of that storage. I go into the Storage & USB menu, into Internal storage and it says that 2.03 GB is used. However in the breakdown below it shows just 1.12 GB for Apps and 1.67MB for cached data. Where is the missing 910 MB that it claims is being used?

Also, in the past i was able to clear that data somehow when i tried to install link2sd and it gave me the option to wipe cache files. However since then link2sd won't show any more cache files, even though that data has since been filled up again.

Obviously i also need some advice on how to clear that 910 MB or some part of it, since right now the only way for me to install any app is if i clear cache and wipe play store + chrome's data. My phone is rooted with SuperSU.

Edit: I was able to go into ES File Explorer and manually clear the dalvik cache folder within /data. The dalvik cache folder was 400mb, and now Apps use 0.9GB data, and total usage is shown to be 1.7GB. Still a large gap.


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