Matt Cutts: UI fun: Better snippets

Google employee Matt Cutts describes a new enhancement to Google search results in
UI fun: Better snippets. Mr. Cutts is one of the most watched individuals in the search engine universe, and it’s nice to see him blogging.

I actually noticed this a couple days ago, when I was Googling around, and just sort of said “hmmm, that’s cool!” Then today when I got an email from SitePoint about our new WordPress based blogging system, I knew that I already had a topic for my first post with the new system.

Thanks to the Just Blog It extension for Firefox, I can blog about anything instantly, without logging into the SitePoint forums, fooling with BBCode, seeing that my post doesn’t look right, going back into the forum to edit, and trial-and-erroring my way into something readable.

Another thing I noticed while Googling to find the URL for just blog it… Google’s got some tracking links turned on again – the link for that site (after Googling “just blog it gecko”) points to

This is not the most exciting news in the history of search engines, but now that I can blog instantly and at will, you gotta figure the quality’s gonna drop just a little… but kudos to the SitePoint team for getting WordPress up and running.

More soon, comments welcome, bla bla bla.


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