Men in Black Security Guides

Where might one go for advanced security techniques? Regardless of where on the planet you may be – if you think about it for a while the United States Government’s National Security Agency will pop up on that list somewhere.

These are the folks who brought us the excellent Security Enhanced Linux — a promising construction of the Linux kernel for ‘hardened’ protection and administration.

I was pointed to a new security configuration guide released on October 15th for tweaking OS X (Panther) — showing deeper penetration by Apple beyond the research tiers in the public sector, where they have a stronghold, into more mainstream usage areas.

While there I discovered an entire library of documents covering new and legacy platforms and applications relevant to the web professional, including:

  • A brief on network security, and router guidelines
  • Java plug-in security
  • IIS 5.0 recommendations
  • Techniques for securing Microsoft SQL and Oracle database servers
  • Client and server configuration guides for Exchange Server 2000 and Outlook
  • and much more — free for the taking..

The NSA’s site has great depth and is fairly easy to maneuver — there are some interesting research projects and outreach programs to academia, businesses and within the government.


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