Mikrotik - Cisco requests not working properly

We've got a problem with our WiFi company network. We bought a Cisco Switch and Wireless LAN Controller (Cisco 2500 WLC) plus eight Access Point (Aironet 2700) to offer clients seamless roaming between APs. These APs work like charm (I think it's just because they are from the same vendor), but our network was at first stages built around Mikrotik devices and now we are heading several problems.

Short about our topology: We want two WiFi networks (two SSIDs) so we made two VLANs (20,30). The traffic from Access Points is packed inside one agregated management VLAN (10). Because of agregated link the WLAN Controller is connected to network using one LAN connection. At this point everything works and everything blinks :) (and inside this Cisco "subnetwork" I am able to ping these Cisco devices each other).

Mikrotik - Cisco requests not working properly


version 15.0 no service pad service timestamps debug datetime msec service timestamps log datetime msec no service password-encryption service sequence-numbers ! hostname sw-01 ! boot-start-marker boot-end-marker ! ! aaa new-model ! ! aaa authentication login default group radius local aaa authorization console aaa authorization exec default group radius local aaa accounting exec default start-stop group radius aaa accounting connection default start-stop group radius aaa accounting system default start-stop group radius ! ! aaa session-id common switch 1 provision ws-c2960s-48ts-l ! ip dhcp pool  description Pool for first WiFi network  network  default-router  dns-server ! ip dhcp pool  description Pool for second WiFi network  network  default-router  dns-server ! spanning-tree mode pvst spanning-tree extend system-id no spanning-tree vlan 1-4094 ! ! vlan internal allocation policy ascending ! interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1  description Connection WLAN Controller switch  switchport mode trunk ! interface GigabitEthernet1/0/4  description AP connection to WLAN Controller   switchport access vlan 10  switchport mode access  switchport voice vlan 10  spanning-tree portfast ! interface GigabitEthernet1/0/13  description Connection WLAN Controller and Mikrotik   switchport mode trunk ! interface Vlan20  ip address ! interface Vlan30  ip address ! ip default-gateway ip http server ip http secure-server ! logging history informational logging facility local6 logging host XX.XX.XX.XX ! snmp-server community public RO ! ntp logging ntp server xx.xx.xx.xx end 


  1. first problem is the DHCP server. When it is configured on Cisco switch all WiFi clients get their IP with no problems. But when it is configured on Mikrotik the WiFi client gets the IP but when looking into Mikrotik ARP tables they have the same MAC address. The MAC address of WLAN Controller.
  2. when I try to ping Mikrotik router from Cisco switch it works. When I try to ping Cisco switch from Mikrotik it also works. But when I try to ping Mikrotik from WiFi client the client sends ARP request but is unable to get any reply from Mikrotik at all (all clients have IP address and default gateway set properly). And when I try to ping client from Mikrotik router it also doesn't work but after 2 or 3 minutes it starts work!

This is madness and we had to misconfigure something or some sort of service/protocol does not works properly between Mikrotik and Cisco. Have you ever seen something like this.

Thank you for your help!


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