Most recent has_one from a has_many

I have a company model with a key (domain). I have a contact model which also has a domain.

I have successfully setup a has_many relationship between these two.

has_many :contacts, class_name: 'Contact', primary_key: 'domain', foreign_key: 'domain' 

Each contact has a date field on it. I'd like a relationship which gets me the most recent contact (by date) from the contacts relationship.

Is this possible?

I'm aware I could do something like:

def most_recent_contact   contacts.order('date desc null last').first end 

Is this the best way? Is it the rails way? Open to suggestions.


Well, this seems to be ONE way, but it doesn't "reuse" the relationship (it repeats it)...

has_many :contacts, class_name: 'Contact', primary_key: 'domain', foreign_key: 'domain'
has_one  : most_recent_contact, -> { order date:  :desc }, class_name: 'Contact', primary_key: 'domain', foreign_key: 'domain'

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