Movement arrows in gloss (part II)

In reference to this question, I have two additional questions. 1) how can I reduce the space between the lines and the example? 2) how can I make it work for multiple examples listed under the same number? For example, I would need to draw arrows connecting words in three examples bulleted together:

 \documentclass[12pt]{article}   \usepackage{expex}  \usepackage{tikz}  \usepackage{xparse}   \lingset{everygla=,aboveglftskip=0pt,*=?*, textoffset=!-.6em, everyglb=\footnotesize, everyglft=\slshape}   \newcommand\Tikzmark[2]{%  \tikz[remember picture]\node[inner sep=0pt,outer sep=0pt] (#1) {#2};%  }  \NewDocumentCommand\DrawArrow{O{}mmmmO{3}}{ \tikz[remember picture,overlay]     \draw[-,straight corners,line width=0.5pt,shorten >= 2pt,shorten <= 2pt,#1]  (#2) -- ++(0,-#6\ht\strutbox) coordinate (aux) -- node[#4] {#5} (#3|-aux) -- (#3); }  \begin{document}  \pex \a My name is Carl. \b His name is John. \c Her name is Claire. \xe  \end{document} 

Thank you in advance!


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