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Let me start by stating that the 2 sites are within the same Sharepoint, but not within the same Site Collection. I did not create any of the sites, nor did I perform any kind of document management ever before. This in fact my first work on this project and I am very new to Sharepoint.

The client has a document library which consists of thousands of document sets, which consist of hundreds of thousands of documents. My task is to move/copy the whole document library to a newly created site.

Site1: accessible from: Site2: accessible from:

What I tried:

  1. Create the whole Document Library as a template without the content. Then move the single Document Sets using the 'Send To'. Problem here is that when I select the document set, the 'Send to' option is grayed out. When I try to create the document set as a template from the library settings, the settings that I managed to access were the document library settings so creating that template as an app would actually be re-creating the document library and not the document set: which is not what I want. So the only remaining way I could think of in this option, would be to manually create the document set in the document library on site 2, and move the document items from within the document set of site 1 using the 'Send to'. Again, the problem here is that I still cannot choose more than 1 document item at a time, and this is clearly not an option for over 100,000 documents in thousands of document sets.
  2. Create the whole document library including the content. The problem here is that the content option is grayed out and cannot be selected. This option, had it been available, would have created the layout of the document library with all its subsequent columns, the document sets and the documents within.
  3. Use the Content and Structure option in Site Settings. This apparently only works if the sites are within the same site collection, which is not applicable in my case.
  4. From the Office 365 Admin Panel, further into Sharepoint Admin, I tried creating a 'Send to connection' from the 'records management' section. I went into the Site Settings - Site Administration - Content Organizer Settings of Site 2 and obtained the 'Send to url' from there. This does not work on the document library. Neither does it work on the document set. The 'Send to connection' I created (called 'invoices') does not appear as shown in the screenshot.

See screenshot

Finally when trying to use this method on a single document item, the Send to connection can be seen and it does work on some single items, on some others the options are just not there. I have no idea what could be the different in this scenario?! But still, it is not useful for me as when selecting more than 1 item, the 'Send to' option is grayed out and again I can't imagine doing over 100,000 item like this one at a time.

  1. I am considering a workflow/code option, but I dont know from where to start, being so new to this area. In this case, I would appreciate if someone can set me on the right route. Some code I can start with or an article/tutorial I can follow.

Finally, excuse my long post but I thought this was the best way to describe my issue and the long hours I spent trying to get around it. I would appreciate any input regarding the whole problem or even the 1-5 points I mentioned up here ^.


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