Mpdf on Codeigniter can't generate morris line chart

I'm using Mpdf with codeigniter for generating pdf file. Everything work perfectly except this Morris Line Chart. Mpdf can't generate this line chart , it's shows blank space. My Controller Look like this.

            // load library              $this->load->library('pdf');              $pdf = $this->pdf->load();              $html = $this->load->view('pdf_view', true);              // render the view into HTML              $pdf->WriteHTML(utf8_encode($html));              // write the HTML into the PDF              $output_pdf = '/weekly_report_' . date('Y_m_d') . '.pdf';              $pdf->Output("$output_pdf", 'I');  

I tried also anychart, this one getting same result. How do i embed line chart with mpdf?


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