MQTT subscription issue: The length of my received packet is always 19 characters

This is my first post here so bare with me if I accidentally didn't follow conventional standards here. Here's the issue:

I am using a teensy 3.2 and WINC1500 wifi breakout to play around with MQTT protocols. I am currently using the AdaFruit MQTT library, found, and I have configured my WIFI chip to successfully send and receive packets which I am able to see through MQTT.FX, a client data broker. The issue I have is regarding the subscribe function. When I receive a packet, I want to parse the information however, I only get back the message up to 19 characters. I assume this is some variable in the library that has been set. I unfortunately have searched and found the variable name, SUBSCRIPTIONDATALEN and increased it to hold more data. However, it doesn't change anything. Is there a hardware limitation to the size of a packet received? Or is the size of the message you send limited to the amount of memory you have available? Is there anyway I can increase it to encapsulate the whole message?

The string I want to parse is : {"target":"Lamp", "code":"lamp", "values": { "lampon":0, "brightness":100,"luminosity": 122}}

What I received back is : {"target":"Lamp", "c

Any suggestions would be very appreciated! Also would this topic matter fit better in the CS site or is it appropriate to be posted in this forum? Thank you very much!


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