MS Excel Conditional Format

I seek to create a conditional format on a spreadsheet which logs invoices on the date they were received. Below is the sample

MS Excel Conditional Format

I want to create a conditional format where the 'date invoice received' cell turns orange when 9 days have passed. The other condition which MUST be satisfied for the cell to turn orange is for there NOT to be a "Y" value in the first column, meaning the invoice was paid.

So both the invoice should be received and showing a received date, and second it should not be Paid: blank value in column A. Thirdly 9 days should pass since the received date for the 'date invoice received' column cell to turn orange.

How can I do this?

Thank you


You can add a column with the Today function date, then compare TODAY cell with Invoice received date+9 cell and if TODAY is smaller then Invoice received date cell turn orange

You have to set another IF condition to check "Y" value in the first column

So you can set


In the picture below you can see where to find those istructions (sorry for my regional version)

MS Excel Conditional Format

Select the range to be formatted. Assuming B2 was the cell you first clicked when making this selection, go to "Conditional formatting" -> "Use a formula..." and enter =AND(B2<=TODAY()-9, A2<>"Y").

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