MusicBrainz Picard not saving new tags

I'm having an issue getting Picard to save updated tags. I swear it's been working before but is now just failing silently.

I add a folder of music to the Unmatched Files list, cluster it, scan it and it finds the corresponding metadata in Musicbrainz. The album name is wrong so I choose to save. The green bars change to ticks implying that it's finished. However, the tags aren't being updated.

Not only does Banshee not see the updated tags but if I use the Audio tab in Nautilus the old album title is there.

I tried launching Picard from the command line to see if there was any useful debug logging but there's nothing. The obvious culprit of no write access isn't to blame as the files are owned by my user and I have r+w on them.


Found the -d flag for Picard's debug log. Nothing helpful, it just says it saved the file.

Has anyone seen this before or have any ideas about other things to try?


If you want a little more support, I suggest coming over to visit the MusicBrainz Forums or try one of the many other ways to contact MusicBrainz such as our IRC channel or posting on the bug tracker. We have lots of friendly folks around who would be happy to help you.

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