MusicPlayerDaemon (MPD) and pulseaudio: underrun on 16.04

On Ubuntu 16.04 I installed mpd (version 0.9.12) from the repositories.

This setup in mpd.conf worked in Ubuntu 14.04:

audio_output {     type        "pulse"     name       "pulse output" } 

On the same machine now running 16.04 I added:

mixer_type "software" 

-- before that setting the volume failed (through mpc volume for example).

Problem: audio playback now stops very often.

Pulseaudio sends error messages like the following:

pulseaudio[21406]: Processing rewind... pulseaudio[21406]: Implicit underrun of 'pulse output' pulseaudio[21406]: alsa_output.pci-0000_00_1b.0.analog-stereo: Found underrun 27572 bytes ago (9472 bytes ahead in playback buffer) 

Do you have ideas about how to fix this ?


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