My iphone stucked at apple logo and spinning wheel

after i erase all contents of my jailbroken iphone stucked on apple logo and spinning wheel.i try recovery mode.and when i connect it to my cant regonized in itunes.but it is regonized as usb device in my computer.


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    I have Qmobile i12 android handset which is basically explay neo set but qmobile company has installed their own firmware in it and are selling it with name of their brand Qmobile i12. Yesterday I installed chainfire 3d software in it and once I laun

  • Stuck at Apple logo during boot. Cannot enter Safe mode. Cannot use Recovery USB 2013-08-11

    A little background I wanted to create a Mountain Lion recovery USB because I currently only have a Lion recovery USB. While downloading the installer image from the Mac App store, the computer froze and I had to perform a hard shutdown. My question

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