My new D-Link router won't let my phones connect to it wirelessly

I already bought the Netgear CM400-1AZNAS modem and the D-Link DIR-813 AC750 Router from Amazon. I think they will be enough or probably better than my current combined modem and router from Xfinity which is a TG862G/CT. The problem is that I already contacted Xfinity and it's good to their part. My modem works fine (I connected it directly to my dekstop) and all websites are working. However, when I connect the modem to the router, everything drives me insane. I first got the problem that while I'm in my desktop, I can't browse several websites like IGN, my school's website, ThePirateBay, other support forums. However, it works perfectly on Facebook, YouTube, and Google. I decided to go to my router's settings, and change it from "Wireless Router" to "AP mode." Everything's good now, all sites are working and I was able to visit this site. BUT, I can't seem to connect my phones wirelessly. I tried entering the RIGHT password but no use. There's another computer(laptop) in my living room which is connected (wired) and I also won't be able to get it connected. Please help. What should I do? This is already driving me insane! I flushed the DNS, and rebooted resetted everything.


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