My while loop is only iterating once python

I' ve seen questions like this before, but the problem is that they were in different languages. As far as I know, everything should work, however I am new to dealing with the time library and I think that I may have made a mistake there? i am making a while loop that iterates ten times to simulate a rocket launch countdown, here is my code

    import time     x = 0     y = 10     print("Launch sequence initiated...")     time.sleep(3)     print(y)     while x > 10:         y = y - 1         time.sleep(1)         print(y)         x = x + 1 

And this is my only code (I don' t think that it requires much) as I have been running it as I was going through, but I cannot figure out what is wrong


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Tags: python 3.x

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